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Images from 14 April 2006 of Cliff Faller call out 13
Winch operator lowering winch man to casualty Winch operator on Rescue 137 lowering winchman to casualty Cliff team with Rescue 137 R137 hovering above casualty at  Floors Craig Aberdeen Rescue 137 hovering above casualty at Floors Craig south of Aberdeen
Winch man being recovered with casualty to rescue 137 Casualty being air lifted to R137 Casualty being lifted from rocks to rescue 137 Casualty being winched aboard R137 Casualty about to be brought inboard
Images from 2005 of Rescue 137 landing at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
Helicopter Rescue 137 Landing ARI (copyright Aberdeen Coastguard team) Rescue 137 Landing at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Assisting Casualty from Rescue 137 (copyright Aberdeen Coastguard team) Assisting Casualty from aircraft to waiting Ambulance then takeoff Helicopter Rescue 137 Take off ARI (copyright Aberdeen Coastguard team)

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