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Team member Mark Jarret was presented with his 20 year long service medal by Sector Manager Phil MacIver after an informal team meal

20 year long Service Medal


Team member Derek Donald has won the 999 category of
Aberdeen Evening Express Aberdeen's Champion Award 2004.

Derek Donald

The text reads.

Derek Donald is the real hero in the eyes of a city schoolboy. The 30 year old volunteer was called into action
after 14 year old Fraser Humphery's plunged down cliffs near Cove. The teenager fell 150ft, breaking his leg.
Derek, a member of the Coastguard rescue team, was on scene in a matter of minutes. After finding his way
down to Fraser, Derek took Control. He wrapped the boy in blankets to ward off the effects of hypothermia
and lifted him out of the path of the rising tide. It was deemed too dangerous for fellow rescuers to get down
to the scene. Derek kept the injured lad in high spirits by cracking jokes until he was winched to safety
by helicopter. Fraser also owes a huge dept to his older brother Andrew, 17, who dragged him out of the water
onto rocks before Derek arrived. The Rescuer is delighted by his nomination.

pictures of the Colsea Yawn rescue
Aberdeen Evening Express


Commendation 28th November 1997

Commendation for the rescue on the 28th November 1997

The commendation text reads

"On the night of 28 November 1997, Robbie Rennie and Mark Jarret, supported by other members of the
Aberdeen Auxiliary Team, worked in heavy surf to rescue a young man who had entered the water at
Aberdeen Beach Boulevard. Despite the difficult conditions, which precluded the use of other rescue units,
both men, tethered by lifelines, went into the water on a number of occasions before successfully locating
the casualty and recovering him to shore. Tragically the young man was later pronounced dead.
The courage, determination and dedication to duty demonstrated by Robbie Rennie and Mark Jarret
was entirely in keeping with the finest traditions of the service."

Robbie Rennie and Mark Jarret were both presented with the Chief Coastguard's Commendation for meritorious service at a ceremony on the 24th August 1998.

commendation ceremony 1998, Robbie Rennie, Bruce Lee, Mark Jarret

Robbie Rennie (Left) and Mark Jarret (Right) pictured with former Sector Manager Bruce Lee

Chief Coastguards commendation pin

Chief Coastguard's Commendation Pin

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