Call outs in2005
In 2005 Aberdeen Coastguard Rescue Team were called out a total of 60 times.

No. Date/Time
60 26/12/05 - 1055
Paged to continue search for missing person at Cove. Casualty located by coastguard team and recovered from water off Cove by ILB.
59 26/12/05 - 0005
Paged to assist Grampian Police search for a missing person at Cove.
58 24/12/05 - 1137
Paged to report of body in water near Victoria bridge. Nothing found, report of a seal in area. FAWGI.
57 20/11/05 - 1420
Paged to assist Grampian Police with communications for helicopter R137 in search for a 22 year old female from Kingswells area missing since Friday evening.
56 12/11/05 - 1310
Paged to report of person threatening to jump from Commercial Quay.
55 08/11/05 - 1200
Paged to report of woman possibly jumping from Persley bridge. Area from Grandholm bridge to Persley searched, nothing found.
54 06/11/05 - 1610
Paged to report of surfer in difficulty off beach ballroom. Casualty made shore tired and cold, assisted by team.
53 06/11/05 - 0945
Called by MRCC to assist R-OC landing at ARI with casualty from the Beryl Bravo Platform.
52 25/10/05 - 2130
Called to meet lifeboat towing in yacht. Details taken and passed to MRCC.
51 22/10/05 - 1200
Called to assist helo R-OC to land at ARI with injured person from the North Everest platform.
50 10/10/05 - 2300
Paged to assist ambulance personnel to remove an injured crewman who had fallen down stairs on the Grampian Monarch sustaining head injures. Casualty recovered to upper deck of vessel then down gangway to ambulance.
49 30/09/05 - 2150
Paged to report of youth in water by parapet on Bridge of Dee. Person coaxed over time towards river bank, was then spooked and made a dash for the river. Apprehended by members of team.
48 30/09/05 - 1500
Called to assist helo R-LC to land at ARI. Diverted to EHLS as air ambulance was using landing pad at ARI. Traffic stopped by team and police to avoid accidents in the area. Casualty recovered from Heather platform with suspected Malaria. Casualty had had a stroke.
47 30/09/05 - 1230
Paged to report of a jumper QE II Bridge, stood down immediately as apprehended by police on scene.
46 25/09/05 - 2015
Paged to a report of a flare off Portlethen Village. Spoke to first informant who confirmed the object seen was not red in colour but was a blue/white light . Vessel in the area checked with radar and search lights. Nothing found. FAWGI.
45 25/09/05 - 1510
Called to a report of red flares off Portlethen Village. Spoke to first informant who saw two youths leaving scene and discharging a red handheld flare. Area searched and 2 orange smoke markers, 2 hand held flare casings and end caps from 1 distress flare were found. Items were Stolen from Survival Craft Inspectorate. The youths involved have not been traced, anyone with any information is asked to contact Grampian Police.
44 24/09/05 - 1745
Resumed search of Cran Hill area and coast area extended from Blackhills Farm to Downies. Nothing found. Stonehaven CG team, Lifeboats from Aberdeen and MRI 28 assisting with search.
43 23/09/05 - 2100
Paged to assist Grampian Police in search for a 75 yr old man missing from home. Fields around cliff area at East Cammachmore (Cran Hill) searched with R137, nothing found.
42 20/09/05 - 1745
Paged to report of person in water at Victoria Bridge, person made shore unaided and was questioned by police.
41 10/09/05 - 1115
Paged to report of person / dingy in water off beach, object found to be the Fairway buoy. FAWGI.
40 26/08/05 - 1550
Called to assist helicopter R131 after landing at ARI.
39 21/08/05 - 1715
Called to report of 4 kids in a dingy near Allenvale Cemetery, River Dee.
38 19/08/05 - 1856
Paged to report of kids in river in dingy at King George V Bridge. Area searched nothing found.
37 16/08/05 - 1430
Paged to report of woman in water at beach. Stood down as Grampian Police were on scene and had talked woman out.
36 08/08/05 - 1740
Immediately tasked after stand down, to 999 call reporting person face down in water near South Breakwater. Person aided by friend and picked up by fast rescue craft launched from Grampian Defender and taken to lifeboat jetty.
35 08/08/05 - 1730
Paged to report of kids in sinking raft in River Don near Seaton Park. Stood down as police unit arrived on scene to find kids running away.
34 03/08/05 - 2010
Paged to report person fallen from cliffs into water at Bareside Point, Clashrodney. Casualty attended to by paramedics and transferred onto Lifeboat for transport to Aberdeen due to distance from road over rough terrain.
33 17/07/05 - 1720
Paged to report person in river Dee but stood down immediately as Grampian Police reported person was out of water & safe.
32 13/07/05 - 1340
Paged to report of two children in river Dee near pontoon of railway bridge near Duthie park. Park area searched near bridge and other bridges checked as a precaution, nothing found. FAWGI
31 12/07/05 - 0925
Paged to search Aberdeen beach area after 2 lilos were found in sea by pilot boat. 1 lilo was reported to be near the shore. On arrival fog had come in and team assisted by Aberdeen Lifeboat and Y boat searched from Footdee to Bridge of Don for any casualties. 2 more lilos were found on the beach, no casualties were found.
30 11/07/05 - 1145
Paged to assist Grampian Police in search for missing 85yr old missing from a nursing home. Searched area from Bridge of Dee to Victoria Bridge then stood down as person had been found.
29 10/07/05 - 0250
Phoned to suicidal casualty in river near Queen Elizabeth II Bridge after Police control contacted ops room to confirm casualty was not in custody after all.
28 10/07/05 - 0235
Paged to suicidal casualty on Queen Elizabeth II Bridge. Stood down as casualty was reported to be in Police custody.
27 03/07/05 - 2330
Paged to youth threatening to jump from Bridge of Dee.
26 03/07/05 - 1330
Paged to Kids in dingy River Dee. Nothing Found.
25 01/07/05 - 1530
Paged to casualty at Newtonhill. Casualty recovered from ledge to Maritime Rescue International craft then onto Stonehaven for recovery by Ambulance service.
24 01/07/05 - 1130
Tasked to possible ordinance on beach at Blackdog. EOD team called, object not an explosive.
23 24/06/05 - 1940
Paged to report of person in water at Aberdeen Beach. Person was a tri athlete who swims at the beach regularly. FAWGI.
22 19/06/05 - 2052
Called to report of persons stuck on island at Peterculterdue to localized flash flooding. Team tasked to tow inshore lifeboat to launching point to recover 4 persons from island.
21 19/06/05 - 1710
Paged to report of person walking into water at Aberdeen Beach. Discovered it was a surfer from New Zealand. FAWGI.
20 13/06/05 - 2155
Called to report of a dingy on river Dee near fisherman's bothy. Dingy recovered opposite Duthie Park, searched river down to the harbour as a precaution, nothing found.
19 09/06/05 - 1940
Called to report of 2 children in a dingy on river near B & Q, Bridge of Dee. Searched length of river to harbour nothing found. Original call to police at 1918.
18 04/06/05 - 0715
Called to assist "Tiger 69" Merlin helicopter after landing at ARI with an injured crewman form Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel Fort George. View the Merlin gallery which includes video clips.
17 03/06/05 - 0515
Paged to report of an injured climber at Burnbanks Haven. Casualty found to have been coasteering and washed against rock sustaining possible internal injuries. Cliff equipment setup, but casualty was recovered by helicopter as it was the quickest and easiest method of recovery and transported to ARI.
16 26/05/05 - 2210
Called to person in water near Mill Lade Wynd. Person recovered from stream near Laurel View, by his father with a ladder prior to arrival of emergency services.
15 08/05/05 - 1530
Called to provide communications for a police search at Kincardine O’Neil.
14 08/05/05 - 0915
Called to assist helicopter R-OC after landing at ARI.
13 05/05/05 - 1425
Called to assist Sinking Vessel off Aberdeen Exhibition Centre. Vessel was run aground to prevent it sinking. Team checked for any pollution, and awaited surveyor prior to being stood down.
12 17/04/05 - 1550
Called to assist Surf Rescue boat which had broken down near Murcar Golf Course
11 16/04/05 - 1600
Called to assist Helo R131 after landing at ARI
10 15/04/05 - 2045
Paged to assist Peterhead team locate an EPRIB in the Aberdeen area.
9 02/04/05 - 1430
Paged to report of person with broken leg near Nigg bay. Person found on rocks at the South breakwater with suspected fractured ankle. Team assisted by ambulance and lifeboat personnel recovered casualty to ambulance at the top of the rocks.
8 25/03/05 - 1515
Called to report of person in water at beach near groyne 26, person walked out of water and assisted to ambulance.
7 18/03/05 - 1640
Paged to assist Grampian Police in search for possible suicide victim near Doonies Yawn. Nothing found.
6 16/03/05 - 1100
Called to assist Helo R137 after landing at ARI
5 16/03/05 - 0005
Paged to report of a jumper Queen Elizabeth II Bridge
4 10/03/05 - 1400
Paged to assist Grampian Police in search for missing person from the mouth of the Don to Persley Bridge area.
3 02/02/05 - 2130
Called to assist R-OC after landing at ARI - Cas. Heart attack transferred from Tartan Alpha stand by vessel.
2 31/01/05 - 1030
Paged to report of person on old south breakwater, after speaking to person concerned, who had left area prior to arrival of team, it was discovered he was watching dolphins. FAWGI
1 06/01/05 - 2315
Paged to report of missing person Bridge of Don area. Person recovered near beach entertainments

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