Call outs in2008
In 2008 Aberdeen Coastguard Rescue Team were called out a total of 36 times.

No. Date/Time
36 15/12/2008 - 1800
Called by MRCC to assist R100 on landing at A.R.I. with a patient transfer
35 05/12/2008 - 0625
Paged by MRCC to fisherman swept from rocks at Cave of Red Rocks at southern edge of Long Slough. Searched area from Long Slough to Cove Bay Harbour. Resources involved were Aberdeen, Portlethen, Stonehaven & Gourdon Coastguard teams with Seaward area covered by Rescue 137 & Aberdeen all weather lifeboat. Stood down at 1130. Pictures. News reports from BBC Evening Express Press & Journal
34 09/11/2008 - 1240
Paged by MRCC to report of person collapsed on beach & jet ski adrift. Casualty being attended to by ambulance crew and jet ski had drifted approx. 1 mile offshore. ILB guided onto craft then towed to harbour.
33 10/09/2008 - 1150
Paged by MRCC to person in water off Silver Darling Restaurant, Aberdeen Harbour. Stood down on station.
32 07/09/2008 - 2030
Paged by MRCC to assist police in search after clothing was found at Aberdeen Beach. Area searched nothing found.
31 04/09/2008 - 1645
Paged to report of person being recovered by pilot boat 3 km off Aberdeen. Tasked to collect details.
30 02/09/2008 - 2030
Paged to report of cliff faller at Newtonhill. Casualty fell approx. 15ft sustaining minor injuries to wrist & knee. Cliff man lowered to casualty but R137 arrived on scene and air lifted casualty to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.
29 01/09/2008 - 1500
Paged to report of small craft drifting onto rocks North of Cove. Vessel located & both Lifeboats guided to casualty. ILB transferred 2 males onto AWLB then towed vessel to Cove harbour. Casualties then transferred to shore.
28 24/08/2008 - 2255
Paged to report of person falling from cliffs to the North of Findon. Casualty had fallen onto ledge 1/2 way down cliff, 2 cliff tech's lowered to casualty who was complaining of back pains. R137 arrived on scene & airlifted casualty directly to ARI to be assessed.
27 24/08/2008 - 1500
Called to report of 2 males walking into water at Balmedie beach and disappearing. First informant phoned back to say she had spotted the males back on the beach. FAWGI.
26 19/08/2008 - 1900
Called to check reports of a dead seal on the beach. Confirmed a dead seal was on beach, council informed
25 16/08/2008 - 0415
Flagged down by member of public concerned about a male near the Eurolink terminal. Casualty coaxed from waters edge & later handed over to the police.
24 16/08/2008 - 0205
Paged to report of person jumping from Bridge of Don. Area searched from mouth of Don to Bridge of Balgownie with Aberdeen AWLB & ILB. Nothing found.
23 14/08/2008 - 0055
Called to assist Coastguard Rescue 102 upon landing at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary with a hypothermic casualty from the New Dawn.
22 13/08/2008 - 2145
Paged to report of person in water. Stood down casualty recovered.
21 13/08/2008 - 0450
Paged to assist Grampian Police in search for a depressed missing person, believed to be between King George V bridge & Polwarth Road on south of river. Area searched with nothing found. Casualty then located on Bridge of Dee & taken away by police.
20 10/07/2008 - 1815
Paged to car over cliff/hill at sewage works, Nigg bay. Casualty self recovered & phoned for assistance.
19 26/06/2008 - 1240
Called to report of a broken down speedboat off Cove Bay. Found to be moving southwards again. Re-tasked to report of another speedboat, found to be moving south slowly with engine toiling, Aberdeen lifeboat tasked to monitor boat but checked as far south as Stonehaven with nothing found, transponder reactivated and boat moving south at speed again.
18 18/06/2008 - 1735
Paged to cliff faller at Cove Bay. Woman had fallen 130 feet hitting cliffs on way down and landing in water. Casualty recovered from bottom by R137 assisted by 2 team members and 2 lifeboat personnel. BBC News report of incident.
17 15/06/2008 - 1800
Paged to report of a wind surfer in difficulty off Aberdeen beach. Surfer drifting north but made shore unaided near Bridge of Don.
16 14/06/2008 - 2315
Paged to report of flares to south of city. Area checked with other search units between Aberdeen & stonehaven. Nothing found.
15 29/05/2008 - 2030
Tasked to recover and investigate a survival suit found at Cove harbour.
14 12/05/2008 -
Team member tasked by MRCC to assist R137 after landing at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary with casualties from Grim Brigs
13 12/05/2008 - 2005
Paged by MRCC to report of person falling from cliff & person clinging to cliff at Grim Brigs, Muchalls. One casualty lowered to bottom by cliff team. Faller treated on scene for injuries to neck & shoulder then both casualties airlifted to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary by R137. RAF footage from BBC news of Cliff Faller.
12 23/04/2008 - 1911
Paged by MRCC to report of person in water at Victoria Bridge. Stood down person out of water prior to arrival of team.
11 19/04/2008 - 1300
Tasked by MRCC to locate / investigate report of rope on beach. Vessel mooring line found on beach between Bridge of Don and Murcar golf course rope moved to above high water mark and left for council to recover.
10 05/04/2008 - 1715
Called to allow engineer access to radio site after VHF radio failure.
9 26/03/2008 - 1520
Called by MRCC to meet R100 from Stornaway on landing at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary with a patient transfer.
8 22/03/2008 - 0415
Called by MRCC to assist R137 after landing at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary with possible heart attack victim.
7 12/03/2008 - 0905
Called to report of object in water off Downies. Object was reported drifting North, checked area off Portlethen village, nothing found.
6 10/03/2008 - 1540
Paged to assist Grampian Fire & Rescue Service to a report of car in water off Grayhope road. Car was in car park at Nigg Bay and being swamped by waves when the occupant panicked. Stood down as no further assistance required.
5 04/03/2008 - 1705
Paged to report of possible person in water near university boat house. Search started but stood down after police located woman save & well.
4 27/02/2008 - 0450
Paged to tired & emotional person at Bridge of Dee. Casualty assisted from waters edge by team members shortly after police negotiator arrived.
3 23/02/2008 - 1755
Paged to report of wind surfer in distress off Aberdeen Beach. Assisted by teams from Collieston & Cruden bay area searched between Blackdog & original sighting searched. Lifeboats from Aberdeen & Rescue 137 tasked to search offshore. Casualty located offshore from one of the search teams by Rescue 137 using thermal imaging camera. Casualty was wearing black with no distress aids & was lucky to have been spotted by the helicopter as darkness had fallen early in the search.
2 22/02/2008 - 1855
Paged to report of a tired & emotional person on the Queen Elizabeth II bridge, stood down on route as Grampian Police had dealt with the situation
1 04/01/2008 - 1530
Tasked to assist Bond Rescue 1 on landing at ARI with 3 casualties

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