Call outs this year2009
In 2009 Aberdeen Coastguard Rescue Team were called out a total of 45 times.

No. Date/Time
45 17/12/09 - 1310
Tasked to assist Cruden bay locate an EPIRB which had activated
44 15/11/09 - 2015
Tasked to report of a dog over cliffs at Portlethen. Assisted by Stonehaven Coastguard team to recover dog to top of cliffs.
43 06/11/09 - 0810
Paged to report of a possible suicidal male at Aberdeen beach. Stood down casualty found safe and well.
42 30/10/09 - 2340
Called to assist Rescue 137 on landing at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary with a casualty from offshore
41 30/10/09 - 1230
Called to report of a 40 foot sperm whale ashore on Balmedie beach. BBC News report.
40 25/09/09 - 2000
Paged to report of unexploded ordinance at Balmedie. Found to be an old rusted fishing marker buoy 8" in diameter.
39 21/09/09 - 2115
Tasked by MRCC Aberdeen to assist R102 after landing at ARI with a casualty with a suspected stroke from an offshore platform.
38 13/09/09 - 0210
Paged to report of despondent male at Girdleness Lighthouse. Searched from inner harbour to South side of Nigg Bay, Nothing found. Casualty turned up later at home.
37 30/08/09 - 1410
Paged to assist Grampian police in search from suicidal male who texted from area between Portlethen and Newtonhill. Stood down on route as casualty found by police.
36 25/08/09 - 2250
Tasked to search beach / river Don for potential suicidal male after he handed a note into the shell garage. River checked from Brig o Balgownie round to beach ball room with assistance from Aberdeen Lifeboat and ILB nothing found. Rescue 137 tasked to sweep area for heat sources.
35 07/08/09 - 1815
Re-tasked to report of same dog in water from the same group previously rescued. Dog called to shore by team and as expected dog swam to shore.
34 07/08/09 - 1700
Paged to report of 2 persons in the water in difficulty near Brig o Balgownie. Casualties located upstream from Brig. Aberdeen Inshore lifeboat transported them from North bank of river to south bank. Casualties had gone into river to recover dog.
33 15/07/09 - 2315
Paged to report of sighting of possible person in water off Downies village. Searched using lighting generator from Downies to Findon with assistance from Aberdeen Lifeboat. Nothing found.
32 05/07/09 - 0145
Paged to potential suicidal woman, with a child at Aberdeen Beach, Police 'pinged' her mobile and found she was in the Forres area.
31 04/07/09 - 1800
Paged to report from member of the public of two children being blown offshore on an inflatable bed. Found to be two adults who made there own way to shore
30 03/07/09 - 2120
Tasked by MRCC to report of drums on Balmedie beach. 8 drums of used engine oil located and moved to above high watermark awaiting removal by council.
29 29/06/09 - 1940
Paged to report of cliff faller to South of Cove. Casualty located and cliff men sent down to assist ambulance personnel in rendering first aid to casualty who was then airlifted to ARI for further treatment.
28 28/06/09 - 1645
Paged to report of person in water at Aberdeen beach, stood down apprehended by police.
27 20/06/09 - 2115
Tasked by MRCC to report of multiple red flares being fired more than once in the Altens/Cove area. Spoke to some groups of kids who all confirmed flares had been fired on or around boundary area of Altens/Cove. Area checked no empty casings found around the estates.
26 06/06/09 - 2310
Paged to report of a depressed person saying they were going to jump from cliffs. Stood down, Police to person into custody as he was walking in direction of the cliffs.
25 28/05/09 - 2000
Whilst on a cliff exercise, tasked to a cliff faller at Earnsheugh Bay North of Findon. Climber fell approx. 15 feet onto rocks then down a steep slope before stopping before an other drop. Aberdeen lifeboat & I.L.B. tasked to attended as a backup as casualty may have been lowered & evacuated by sea to Aberdeen. Cliff man lowered to provide first aid & casualty appeared to have a fractured ankle but due to his location & possible spinal injuries a helicopter was requested to air lift him from the slope.
24 12/05/09 - 0020
Paged to report of person in water at Victoria Bridge. Casualty recovered from water by Aberdeen inshore lifeboat.
23 15/05/09 - 1515
Called by MRCC to monitor catamaran which had earlier sent out a distress call, when starting to sink, and been taken in tow by Aberdeen Lifeboat then cut adrift when it became unstable. Catamaran sighted off Taylors Tip and monitored till coming ashore South of Downies Yawn. Press & Journal article. Casualty pictures.
22 12/05/09 - 1500
Tasked by MRCC to assist R102 on landing at A.R.I. with medivac from Tiffany platform
21 06/05/09 - 1615
Tasked by MRCC to assist R102 on landing at A.R.I. with casualty from Buchan field with chest pains.
20 06/05/09 - 1555
Paged to report of a kite surfer in distress at Balmedie. Kite surfer swam to beach not in distress but kite had blown away. Stood Down FAWGI.
19 02/05/09 - 2000
Tasked by MRCC to collect a life ring from the boat club and locate its housing on river Dee and return it. Housing found on South bank near King George V bridge.
18 01/05/09 - 1935
Paged to report of a man jumping from Bridge of Don. Stood down on calling in as man had been apprehended after leaving river Don.
17 24/04/09 - 0250
Paged to report of a tired & emotional person threatening to jump from Victoria Bridge. Stood down on way to scene, apprehended by police.
16 17/04/09 - 0040
Paged to report of a person jumping from Queen Elizabeth II Bridge. Stood down person apprehended by police.
15 11/04/09 - 0200
Paged to report of person jumping from Victoria Bridge, Torry.
14 04/04/09 - 1600
Called to assist Rescue Bond 1 on landing at A.R.I. with casualty from Alba Northern platform.
13 04/04/09 - 1350
Called to assist Rescue 102 on landing at A.R.I. with casualties from Everest & Forties Echo platforms.
12 21/03/09 - 2150
Paged to report of tired & emotional female on Brig o' Balgownie. Area checked nothing found. Reported female found safe and well in town.
11 15/03/09 - 1230
Called by MRCC to assist Rescue 102 after landing at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary with casualty from Claymore Field.
10 07/03/09 - 1445
Paged to report of life raft sited off Balmedie beach. Spoke to first informant then confirmed it was the out fall buoy which had been spotted. FAWGI
9 03/03/09 - 1745
Paged to report of 3 youths spotted on South Breakwater which had waves crashing over it.
8 18/02/09 - 2200
Called to assist R137 after bringing in casualties from ditched helicopter in ETAP field of the North Sea, member from operations room gave press interviews as there was a large press interest. BBC News report
7 14/02/09 - 2340
Paged by MRCC to search for missing woman. Searched from Brig o' Balgownie to mouth of Don & from 1 mile north of Technology park to Footdee. Nothing found. Found safe and well by police.
6 11/02/09 - 2215
Called to assist Rescue Bond one on landing at A.R.I. with casualty from the harding platform.
5 08/02/09 - 1655
Paged to assist ambulance service in recovery of woman involved in sledging accident at Balmedie beach
4 01/02/09 - 1730
Paged to report of 2 persons trapped by tide at Newtonhill. Casualties located at Craig Stirling. Cliff equipment set up but Rescue 137 arrived, on route back to base from Dundee, to airlift casualties to top of cliff. Sea state very rough preventing removal by sea.
3 19/01/09 - 1945
Paged to report of tired & emotional male on the Wellington Road Suspension Bridge. Casualty talked down by police. Stood down.
2 11/01/09 - 1820
Tasked to provide comm's for Aberdeen Lifeboat in recovery of body from inlet South of Doonies Farm Due to adverse weather conditions Lifeboat stood down. Whole team paged to assist police divers to be lowered to base of cliff to swim to body. Body recovered to shoreline, placed in stretcher and recovered to top of cliff.
1 04/01/09 - 1820
Tasked to meet Rescue 137 at A.R.I. with patient and to hand back 5 Hi-lines recovered over the months from helicopter winching operations.

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