Call outs in2010
In the year 2010 Aberdeen Coastguard Rescue Team were called out a total of 41 times.

No. Date/Time
41 09/12/10 - 1510
Paged to report of desponant person wearing a t-shirt in harbour area / beach area. Area around harbour and beach as far as Bridge of Don searched nothing found. Casualty was found by police as team were about to leave area.
40 01/12/10 - 1700
Called to assist radio engineer gain access to Gregness ariel site during adverse weather conditions.
39 19/11/10 - 1615
Paged to report of person in water at groyne 2 Aberdeen Beach. Object was a log. Stood down.
38 16/11/10 - 1145
Called to report of dog over cliff near the Bettridge Centre, Newtonhill. Area searched nothing found
37 11/11/10 - 1430
Called after request from ambulance service to assist in recovery of casualty. Casualty recovered with assistance from specialist coastguard teams from Stonehaven and Cruden Bay.
36 20/10/10 - 1430
Paged to assist grampian police in search for possible missing person after a note was found pinned to a child's toy at Burnbanks Haven. Searched from Doonies farm to Cove harbour with assistance of Stonehaven team. Stood down after nothing found.
35 09/10/10 - 1430
Paged to assist Helibus Rescue 2 on arrival at A.R.I. with casualty from Norwegian sector of the North Sea. Helibus Rescue 2 was escorted to A.R.I. by another rescue helo as they has not been to Aberdeen before & visibility was restricted. Assisted in transfer of casualty to waiting ambulance
34 12/09/10 - 0415
Paged to report of a person in the water Queen Elizabeth II bridge. Casualty was spotted by a passenger in a taxi hanging over the parapet. Search from QEII bridge to banana pier with nothing found. FAWGI
33 11/09/10 - 0635
Paged to person on cliffs at the end of Langdykes road, Cove. Police apprehended the casualty on arrival of the team.
32 29/08/10 - 2150
Phoned to report of a red flare sighted off Cove. After speaking to first informant object sounded more like a Chinese lantern, searching the local area nothing found.
31 22/08/10 - 2315
Paged to report of a despondent male on the parapet of Victoria Bridge. Team and Aberdeen ILB stood by, casualty eventually talked down by police negotiators.
30 15/08/10 - 2220
Paged to back up coastguard teams to search for person in water in river Ythan, Newburgh. Stood down shortly after leaving station as casualty had been located.
29 11/08/10 - 0050
Paged to report of a woman in River Dee at Queen Elizabeth II Bridge. Casualty in middle of river floating slowly downstream. Location relayed to Aberdeen ILB once launched to ensure a quick recovery. Woman appeared to go under the water on arrival of ILB, a crew member quickly dived into water & woman was recovered into the ILB then onto the river bank to awaiting paramedics and police.
28 08/08/10 - 1445
Paged to assist Scottish Ambulance Service with recovery of casualty who had fallen down sand dunes North of Bridge of Don. Casualty located approx 3/4 mile North of mouth of river Don, no assistance required as ambulance service special operations had deployed an all terrain vehicle to recover casualty who was an elderly gentleman how had taken a turn whilst walking his dog and had fallen down the dunes.
27 11/07/10 - 2145
Paged to report of woman floating down river Dee beside Brig o' Dee. Stood down as woman coaxed from water by Grampian Police
26 28/06/10 - 2105
Paged to report of kids in river Dee. Stood down on Station
25 27/06/10 - 2245
Paged to report of 2 persons jumping from Queen Elizabeth II bridge into river Dee. First informant only saw 1 person exiting the water. Searched from mouth of river to Duthie park area with assistance of Aberdeen Inshore Lifeboat. Nothing found.
24 27/06/10 - 1105
Paged to request from Grampian Police to assist with recovery of body from River Dee. Stood down after passing advice to police on recover of body. Lifeboat personnel remained on scene after departure of Coastguard team. Re-tasked to assist with recovery.
23 07/06/10 - 2055
Called by MRCC to report of oil pollution in the Graves/Bun Stane area. Strong smell of diesel from path and visible pollution in water. Information of possible source and pictures passed to MRCC for further investigation.
22 02/06/10 - 2055
Paged to report of person on North Pier, tasked to investigate, police were going to speak to person. Person jumped into water, Aberdeen ILB proceeded to recover casualty, Aberdeen team tasked to assist. On arrival at Aberdeen lifeboat station stood down as paramedics were in attendance and no further assistance was required.
21 23/05/10 - 2100
Paged to report of person threatening to jump from Victoria bridge. Stood down shortly after page as casualty had been recovered from bridge.
20 20/05/10 - 2140
Paged to report of person threatening to jump from Victoria bridge. Whilst team were proceeding, casualty jumped from the bridge. Police on scene rushed to throw casualty a life ring which the casualty was holding when the team arrived. Passed details of casualties location to Aberdeen Inshore Lifeboat who recovered the casualty to the bank and into an awaiting ambulance. A pilot boat from Aberdeen harbour also proceeded to assist the casualty.
19 16/05/10 - 2230
Called to tow Aberdeen ILB to Ellon at the request of Grampian Police to recover two youths who were stuck on an island under the bridge. Stood down prior to arrival as R137 had arrived on scene but both youths had been recovered from scene just prior to this by Grampian fire & rescue service. Units in attendance included the Ambulance service, Cruden Bay Coastguard team, Grampian fire service, Grampian police, Rescue 137 and the Coastguard swift water rescue team on board R137.
18 15/05/10 - 1500
Called to assist R137 on landing at ARI with a male from the Penan area with injuries.
17 10/05/10 - 1635
Paged to report of person jumping from QEII bridge. Once on scene found out person was seen on Wellington road suspension bridge. Searched for casualty nothing found. FAWGI
16 09/05/10 - 1400
Called to assist R102 on landing at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary with a stroke victim.
15 07/05/10 - 2230
Called to report of a parachute type sail spotted near gregness. Searched from Burnbanks Haven to Girdleness light with nothing found.
14 24/04/10 - 2245
Paged to report of an orange light in the sky, possible flare or chinese lantern, sighted off Portlethen. Searched from Portlethen to Cove, Nothing found.
13 22/04/10 - 1330
Paged at request of ambulance service to report person floating in water off Aberdeen ice rink (beach). Aberdeen inshore lifeboat recovered casualty to the shore. Team assisted ambulance personnel in recovery of body from waterline to the ambulance on the promenade.
12 04/04/10 - 2230
Paged to report of red flares in Balmedie area. Searched Balmedie beach to car park nothing found, checked Blackdog ranges on way back and found cadets on a night exercise which was in progress. Advice passed to inform MRCC prior to future use of flares at night.
11 01/04/10 - 2325
Paged to report of male threatening to jump from QEII bridge. Person apprehended by police on approach of coastguard vehicle.
10 27/03/10 - 2210
Paged to report of person in water Aberdeen harbour - Albert dock. Stood down on station, Hoax. FAWMI
9 26/03/10 - 0145
Paged to report of person threatening to jump in Aberdeen Harbour. Stood down on station, Police apprehended the casualty.
8 04/03/10 - 2000
Tasked by MRCC to recover orange floatation suit from Cove harbour.
7 03/02/10 - 1250
Paged to report of body in water at Aberdeen beach. Unable to locate first informant and nothing found, except parts of a child's toy!!
6 31/01/10 - 1400
Tasked to report of a survival suit or dummy in water at Earnsheugh Bay. Survival suit located, attempted recovery with throw bags but due to worsening weather conditions gave up as it was unsafe to continue.
5 31/01/10 - 1040
Whilst on patrol tasked to report of wind surfers in navigation channel between North & South breakwater. Safety advice passed to wind surfers.
4 11/01/10 - 1100
Paged to continue search for fisherman missing from rocks near Easter Croft.
3 10/01/10 - 1425
Paged to report of an overdue polish fisherman missing from rocks near Easter Croft, North of Cove. Area searched from Greg Ness to Cove with assistance from Stonehaven Coastguard, Rescue 137 and Aberdeen Lifeboat.
2 05/01/10 - 2000
Tasked to assist Coastguard Rescue 102 on arrival with 2 casualties hospital transfer from shetland.
1 02/01/10 - 1310
Tasked to assist Rescue Bond One on landing at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary with a cardiac patient from the Tiffany platform.

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