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Aberdeen and Portlethen rescue team member requirements
If you think you have what it takes see below

  • Hold a clean driving licence (no sticky marks) and have transport
  • Team members must have a sense of humour.
  • Must be able to take orders from a SO and DSO (see meet the team for what this means)
  • Must be able to work as a team
  • Must be able to get along with the team (it's not the same honest!)
  • Must live & work locally, preferable but this will depend on locations. (be available to attend a call in the local area)
  • Must be available for call outs at all times of the day and night see our call out lists for details, again preferable.
  • Must be able to work at height i.e. along cliff tops.
  • Must be able to search for hours on end if someone goes missing or when we lose something. (Never happens ;) ability to find golf balls is a plus)
  • Must not be scared of the dark! see times as above
  • Must be able to take a ribbing from team see the getting along bit above
  • Must make good tea and coffee till someone else replaces you ;) or you poison the rest of the team
  • Must be able to jump tall buildings in a single bound (no trampolines permitted)
  • Must not expect to be paid a fortune, this is not a full time occupation, all of us do it for the enjoyment. Honest!
  • We accept members aged 16 to 600. If you are fit and have your marbles. Spare marbles are available for a fee ;)
  • Team members must have a sense of humour. (yes we know it's listed twice)

Find out what we really do here

Note - new members should live a reasonable distance from the coast

Please note this is not a job description supported by the MCA or anyone I can think of!
If you think it is then you are probably what we are looking for. See the last bullet point above.
Note this is not full time job, but you do get paid. (chomp bars)

If you are interested in joining us then drop us an email at the usual address with job in the subject line

we answer facebook messages quicker

We do not always have vacancies and there is may be a waiting list.

New members to the team are Temporary Authorized Rescue Technician'S(T.A.R.T'S)
After passing the 1 year probation members progress to Fully Authorized Rescue Technician'S (F.A.R.T'S)
Members with many years experience progress to Old Fully Authorized Rescue Technician'S (Old F.A.R.T'S)
If you think our acronyms are strange then you should see some of the official ones

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