Beach Dangers

Safety first

  1. Do not let your children play on untethered rafts, dinghy’s or other inflatable toys. These can be easily blown offshore.
  2. Always be aware of the direction the tide is moving, it can move deceptively quickly, and cut you off.
  3. Take plastic bottles with you. Glass can break.
  4. Remove all rubbish with you when you leave – it can be dangerous to wildlife, as well as people.
  5. Beware of litter on the beach, there may be sharp objects, syringes, broken glass, etc

Drums. What to do if you find drums on the beach

  1. Are they empty? (if unsure, do not attempt to open or pierce)
  2. Is the container leaking. (Yes – stay upwind if it is). Call the Coastguard (pollution threat.)
  3. Are there any markings on the container. (No – Then think Danger Yes – make a note, and pass on to the Coastguard.)
  4. If in any doubt, call the Coastguard or Local Authority.

Unidentified Objects – things to report

  1. Where is it?
  2. How visible is it? (half buried, on top of sand/rock)
  3. What size is it?
  4. What colour is it?
  5. What shape is it?
  6. Are there any markings?
  7. Features – does it have fins, horns, wires, pins?
  8. DO NOT touch anything you are unsure of. Leave it to the experts.

Pyrotechnics – Explosives

  1. If you find something that you think is explosive, Do not pick it up. Try to mark the site in some way.
  2. Make a note of what it looks like (see Unidentified Object above)
  3. Call the Coastguard.Do not use your mobile phone near any ordinance you find.
  4. Explosives come in all shapes & sizes. If unsure leave well alone.

Below is a selection of marine pyrotechnics. Remember if you find something on the beach the markings may have been washed or rubbed off by the sand!