CG66 Small Boat Safety Scheme

If you are at sea and get into difficulty and you are unable to raise assistance,
is there anyone ashore who knows what to do if you fail to return at your estimated time?
Would a friend or relative know who to contact? Would they have sufficient detail about your vessel
and your likely whereabouts to be able to assist the Coastguard to locate you?

Would it not be a comfort to know that when you set out, the Coastguard has the
details of your vessel on a database that is accessible to all Coastguard Co-ordination Centre’s
throughout the UK so that they have the information they need to mount a
search and rescue operation should you get into any difficulty?


Quite simply, join HM Coastguard’s CG66 Voluntary Safety Identification Scheme.
The scheme is free and is for the benefit of the owners and skippers of all types of
leisure vessels and small craft. You must update this information every 2 years or
it will be removed from the system but HM Coastguard will be in touch before the information is removed.